Our programs
  • * Infant care
  • * 2 year to 3 year toddler programs
  • * 3 year to 5 year pre school program
  • * 5 year and up individual based program
  • * Structured curriculum
  • * Regular circle time and reading times
  • * Once in a month music class
  • * Library field trips
  • * Field Trip to Outdoor Parks, Museum or other interesting places
Why Early childhood education is critical
  • Improves school performance┬áRaises math and language abilities
  • Sharpens thinking/attention skills
  • Improves and strengthen interactions with peers
  • Decreases problem behaviors
  • Encourages more exploratory behavior
  • Helps adjustment to the demands of formal schooling
  • Achieves better academic outcomes
Our Approach to pre-school learning
  • Balanced approach to learning
  • Play, learn and discover approach
  • Learning while having fun allow them to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.
  • Playing with right toys allow them to develop motor skills and sharing with peers
  • Outdoor time allow them to be pgysically fit and have real fun
  • Physical education from begining develops the right habit
  • Real life knowledge by special guests
  • We invite special guests to share very interesting facts and experience with our little learners
  • Guest includes Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, School Teacher, Fire fighter, Police Officer, Professional etc
  • TV and Electronic Media
  • TV and electronic media has become a essential part of learning
  • We introduce kids to TV and iPads for very limited time in week to help develop some very important skills of language development, listing and critical thinking. They mostly spend time on educational applications or programs.
    Parent permissions are required for TV/iPad use