Welcome to Seven Steps Child Care!
At Seven Steps Child Care we believe that quality early care and education is a partnership between parents and provider.It is our mission to partner with parents, and to provide children with age and developmentally appropriate activities and materials in a safe, loving environment where they are free to explore and learn.

Seven Steps Child Care is a play, learn and discover concept based early childhood education oriented program.

At Seven Steps Child Care, your child will have the opportunity to explore, grow, create, discover, build relationships with his or her peers and become confident learner.

Focus on Pre School Learning
  • Cognitive development
  • Cocial/Emotional development
  • Language development
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills

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Facility Detail

Seven Steps Childcare and preschool is home based play and learning environment.
We are running this daycare in fully furnished basement area of around 1200 squire feet.
We have separate room for nap time so little ones can sleep without any disturbance. Basement also include kitchen with refrigerator and full bath.

There is direct access to backyard play area from basement. Backyard has a big sand box, good grass area, play structure and small area to use tricycles. Its a fantastic setup and kids love it.

Backyard Play area

We have huge backyard for kids to play during afternoon with some play structures so they can enjoy and play outdoor, get some sunlight and do they physical activities. It is very important to have kids play outdoor for their growth.